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Online course

Certification in 

Persuasion and Public Opinion

Through the platform  more modern learning  in the world (Teachable®), the student will learn useful and simple tools to persuade their target audience. You will have knowledge of influencing principles that will be useful to you in any field. You will know tactics that will help convince according to your plans based on an ethical and constructive conscience. The organization of this course is based on the conceptual structure derived from the laws of persuasion described in  The Black Book of Persuasion.




to transcend

Modern audiences deserve different lectures that allow for self-discovery and easy-to-implement improvements. In a  interactive conference  One hour will introduce proven and practical concepts of the science of persuasion applicable to companies and their managers. 


Ciencia de la Persuasión

en tu Empresa


Los públicos modernos merecen conferencias diferentes que les permitan auto descubrimiento y mejoras fáciles de implementar. En una conferencia interactiva de una hora se darán a conocer conceptos probados y prácticos de la ciencia de la persuasión aplicables a las empresas y sus directivos. 

Liderazgo Resultados ¡YA!


Entrenamiento en Liderazgo. En grupos heterogéneos se desarrollan competencias por medio de técnicas y dinámicas de los más connotados autores en el tema.

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Reputation and Personal Branding

Content marketing, public relations and social media

Strategic communication in different important national and international media, generates credibility, trust and loyalty of your personal or institutional brand.  

We help you shine with your own content in relevant magazines, newspapers and sites. Then we multiply it on your social networks. Your reputation is our top priority.

Business and Policy Consulting

Persuasion Consulting 

and Propaganda

The  Business  and the  politicians  Today's demands require intelligently observing down to the smallest detail all the human and virtual processes that generate a  perception  in its different audiences. The return of a  Persuasive Image  it is measurable and very effective.


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