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Content marketing, public relations and social media

Strategic communication in different important national and international media, generates credibility, trust and loyalty of your personal or institutional brand.  

We help you shine with your own content in relevant magazines, newspapers and sites. Then we multiply it in your social networks in a careful and selective way. Your reputation is our top priority.

Your personal branding and the brand of your company depends 100% on credibility. And this takes shape with the type of stories you tell and where you do it:  In what print, digital, radio media   TV you show up? Where have you published articles? Have you written a book?

Different stories are those that are in our minds and emotions, those that allow us to communicate and interact with other readers and audiences.  They are stories that generate fun, but that also elicit explanations and answer questions.  They are the ones that instruct us for daily life, they are the stories that have a heart and mind, those with which we always return home.


Credibility depends on reputation, and reputation depends on the story you are telling the public.

Personal, Business and Political Consulting

Persuasion Consulting and Propaganda

Today's companies need to observe with intelligence down to the smallest detail all the human and virtual processes that generate a perception in their different audiences. The return of a Persuasive Business Image is measurable and very profitable. Consulting is based on a proven paradigm that significantly improves image and its persuasive effect on organizations. 


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